Brīvprātīgo darbs 2020./2021.

Projekts "Bring a piece of Europe to Adazi Free Waldorf School" ir tapis par Eiropas komisijas līdzekļiem.

Stāsta Alīna par piedzīvoto darbā ĀBVS: 

It’s me Alina :) I have been here in Latvia now for over 9 months and oh my time flies! It only feels like yesterday that I arrived at the airport, picked up by my coordinator and well, to be honest being completely lost. But since that day, so many things have happened and Latvia really feels like home now. Despite the current situation I have found many people that I am lucky enough to call friends. Since its summer we have traveled all around Latvia and I fell in love with the nature here. Growing up in a big city, I was never too much of a nature person, but this year here, with the Waldorf mindset and all of these beautiful woods around me, has really changed my mindset completely. In the darker winter days that and the kids were what brightened my days! I loved the work with the kids, feeling more useful and competent every time I crafted, played or simply talked with them. I have learned a lot here about myself, my language, my culture and so many more things. German can be quite difficult to understand, even as a native, and even harder to explain, but I really feel like after my work with Vija and Katrine and all of the german students I can finally describe german comprehensively. All in all my experience in Latvia helped me so much and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity here at the Waldorf School. So for now I have to say goodbye to this beautiful country and all of my friends but I know it's just a temporary one! So, see you soon Latvia :) If you want to see more of my experience here, feel free to check our instagram @usinriga